Do you have a contract?

Yes. Simple and concise our agreement states event date, location, time and  fees and services to be offered.

Do you supply your own equipment?

Yes. We will arrive at your event with a complete set of professional, high quality audio equipment from the likes of Denon, Rane, Shure and Mackey. Our system setups are professional in appearance and back up equipment is always on the ready.

How extensive  is your music selection?

Our music library is very large. It spans popular music from the 40’s through 2010, and today’s latest hits. Big Band, Blues, Classical, Country, Disco, Ethnic, Electronic, Funk, Hip Hop, Latin, Jazz, Motown, New Age, Oldies, Pop, Punk, Rap, Reggae, Rock & Roll and Swing. You can choose specific songs or, select types of music that you want and your DJ will play from those categories.  You may also list any special request.  In addition to your selections, we also bring hundreds of titles so that you and your guests can make ‘instant requests’.

Can we bring our own music?

Yes. Even though we carry a large and comprehensive music library to every event, we recognize it is impossible to have everything ever recorded. If you would like some specific music played, and you have it, by all means bring it!

How do you help coordinate our event?

We can perform as the host and/or master of ceremonies of your event. Different events require varied degrees of involvement. What is appropriate for a business dinner/awards ceremony is much different than the needs of a wedding and reception. The key to any successful occasion is planning and communication. It is very important to us that we find out from our clients what their needs, desires and expectations are. We work very hard to insure that your vision becomes a reality.

Do you take breaks?

No.  Unlike bands, which take scheduled breaks, we provide music, non-stop, from start to finish.

How are you at the microphone?

Restrained and professional, using effective, entertaining communication skills. There are certain types of events that can benefit from chatter on the microphone, i.e., auctions or roasts, but generally the focus is better kept on you and your guests, not the DJ. That being said, we want your event to be memorable and fun, so your DJ will add their personality to the announcements you would like made. You will determine how much your DJ gets involved.

What will our DJ be wearing?

It depends on your event. Weddings dictate formal wear, birthday parties do not. If there is a certain theme to your event, we will dress accordingly and always look our best.

What do you charge?

This is also dependent on your event. It is very difficult, if not impossible to quote a price without knowing any details about specific event requirements. Rest assured we offer competitive rates with other companies in the area. Please call us at 530-577-2221 to discuss your event date, time, location and services desired.

How far in advance should we book?

Typical dates book nine to twelve months in advance. The spring and summer months in particular book very quickly due to their popularity in peoples wedding plans. However, on many occasions we book dates as late as a couple of weeks ahead of time.